Last change 2024/01/30 Currently is available "room" 5, a small place on topfloor.
. This house is situated in Utrecht Oudwijk N, near Wilhelmina park. It is about halfway the center of the town (2 km) and the university (3 km). There is a supermarket at 200 meter distance.

. There are 4 fully furnished rooms in the house, room 1 2 4 and 5 with surface resp. 15 8 4 and 3 m2, details see below. Usually all rooms are rented out.
. The owner likes to have students from abroad as housemates. But the house-owner tries to interfere as little as possible with the life of the housemates. When applying for a room one may ask for (ex-)housemates to tell their experiences during living here.

. The house has Central heating. Smoking is restricted. There is a common room (where you can receive guests etc.). Also a kitchen with all utensils, cutlery etc. And a little outside court. And free wifi.
. There are usually 4 or 5 other persons in the house. Currently there are in the house 4 women and the house-owner, who tries to interfere as little as possible.
. Cleaning of common facilities is divided between the house-members. No change in the fittings and furniture in the house is permitted without written consent of the owner.
. Heating costs are shared equally by the housemates.
. Deposit (to get back at departure): Euro 150. Minimum stay is one month. Registration at the municipality is possible.

. Interested people should send an email to It may help to add some information about your background etc., and why you are interested, your current housing, your time of stay in Holland and your current assignment in study or work.

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. DETAILS. The rooms to be rented out, and usually occupied are:

. Room 1: a room of 3.5*4.5 meters at the first floor frontside of the house. Monthly costs are about 220 to 320 euro, depending on heating costs.

. Room 2: a room of 2.3 * 3.7 meters downstairs at the backside of the house. Monthly costs are about 140 to 240 euro, depending on heating costs.

. Room 4: a little room of 2*2 meters (to be exact: 2*1.8 m plus 0.4 m2 recesses) on the 1st floor quietly at the backside, with wide window on the south side, bed table chair and 5 meter shelves. Monthly costs are about 110 to 210 euro, depending on heating costs.

. "Room" 5: a small place on topfloor. It is a bed and surrounding space of about 3m2, with maximum height only 1.60 meter, and no entrance door. There is a real bed though low, a chair and table, and an open cupboard. And of course in daytime one can make use of the commonroom. Sometimes the owner of the house needs access to the topfloor to check the properties of the house stored there, though accessing topfloor only when the tenant is not there . Monthly costs are about 90 to 190 euro, depending on heating costs.

. R 7: an emergency sleeping place in a vide. Height 80cm, with some 2m2 space for stuff. 60 to 160 euro.

Renting conditions

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PHOTO'S of house and rooms .
. Remind that small spaces are hard to photograph ..










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See also the Facebook-group Utrecht Oudwiv for former housemates

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